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This page provides links to further information about Dr Keen's participation in events, Sociodigital Research activities, events, media reports, and collaborations

Press Release: Educational Video

Sociodigital Research has released an educational video now available on the company's YouTube channel.  

This short, animated video is designed to make it glaringly obvious how dangerous the systematic mining of children’s data can be.

The video aims to raise awareness of the privacy risks children face in the digital age and prompt parents, children and educators to take action to minimise these risks. The video explains the importance of safeguarding children’s data privacy.


Dr Keen's 2019 research revealed that parents generally believed that institutions and companies collected a minimal amount of data about them, and that there were regulations to prevent the collection of sensitive data from their children without parental consent. Parents were unaware of the risks that commercial software services and in particular EdTech, now widely used within New Zealand schools, pose to children's privacy. Dr Keen sits down for a kōrero with Senior Community Advisor/Kaitohutohu Matua ā-Hāpori Ciara Arnot. 

RadioNZ report

Phil Pennington digs deeper into research here and overseas warning that schools are exposing children to privacy risks from commercial actors now supplying EdTech in schools. The collection of their data has slipped beneath the regulatory radar, as schools are left to manage these issues without the resources to do so.

Dr Keen

Dr Caroline Keen spent some couch time talking with Jenny-May from TVNZ Breakfast show about the the privacy risks that Educational Technology (EdTech) in schools pose for students. Why are commercial companies allowed to collect children's personal data within schools? - A heads up, you may have to create an account on TVNZ to view this on demand.

Dr Keen interviewed by RadioNZ

Radio New Zealand (RNZ) interviewed Dr Caroline Keen on the subject of Educational Technology (EdTech) in schools and the new privacy risks this presents to students. You can read more about this issue on our blog

Privacy Campaign

As a member of the NZ Privacy Foundation Working Group for Children's Privacy, Dr Keen is supports public debate about children's privacy within the education environment. The Working Group have released a brief paper on the potential privacy risks to students through the adoption of digital technologies in schools.

Online Event Privacy Week

Privacy Week 2022: Safeguarding Children's Data Privacy in a Digital World: Dr Keen, CEO of Sopciodigital Research hosted a panel discussion exploring the ethical frameworks developing around the collection of personal information in New Zealand, with a specific interest in the safeguarding of children's personal data. Speakers from the MoE, GCPO, OPC, MSD and NZ School Association. This was facilitated through the Office of the Privacy Commissioner.

New project on mature women and work

Sociodigital Research, Caroline Keen - Surviving the 'new normal': Seeking sustainable income by raising the digital capital of women over 50'

Conference presentation

Research and presentation for Cyber Security for Schools Conference on 31st March 2021. You can read more in our blog about EdTech in schools.

Funding announced

InternetNZ award Keen Initiatives Ltd research funding to explore the digital capital of women over fifty - 15 February 2021

Funding announced

Internet NZ support Social Research NZ research into how families use of digital technology


InternetNZ and 20/20 Trust support Social Research NZ digital inclusion research

20/20 Trust support project

Social Research NZ collaborate with 20/20 Trust. Research into how families engage with digital technology. 24th August 2020

Privacy week seminar

Privacy Week 2021 Presentation: The issue of 'consent': barriers to safeguarding children’s data

Research in the news

Parents warned to be vigilant about children's data privacy 17th May 2020

Research in the news

Why States fail to regulate pornography online. 17th February 2020

Children's rights to privacy

Researching children's data privacy rights. 15th July 2019

RNZ interview

Radio NZ interview about regulating online pornography. 11th November 2019. See University of Auckland coverage and also link to RNZ interview

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