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These families made judicious use of the internet and digital platforms and services online. There was typically seamless integration of digital technology across home and work life for all members of the household.

Culture of Digital Technology Use

Internet access was generally democratic with children being autonomous and aware of the rules and their rights around internet use.

These families placed a high value on informational and educational opportunities online, and consciously used digital technology in ways that enhanced their capital.

There was a high level of digital expertise in the home by at least one person (parent or child) often having had formal IT training, and the family generally had good access to institutional (school and work) IT support.


These families worked toward increasing social and economic capital online, and consequently developed forms of digital capital that could assist them in maintaining socio-economic achievements, and utilise capital in ways online that produced additional capital benefits offline.

While civic and political activity was low across all families interviewed, digital experts were more likely to pursue their existing civic and political interests online.


Children were typically focused on seeking professional, or managerial work as their parents had done.


Digital Experts

Judicious use of digital technology

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