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                        Welcome to Sociodigital Research

At Sociodigital Research, we are driven by a vision to empower New Zealand citizens, especially women and children, to actively shape the digital society they inhabit. Through our qualitative and mixed methods research, we uncover valuable insights that we share with academic and public audiences. We also publish scholarly articles, create educational materials, and raise public awareness on crucial issues. Furthermore, we offer consultancy services to public and private organizations seeking expertise in data privacy and digital inclusion. Join us on this journey of knowledge, advocacy, and positive change.

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Dr Caroline Keen


Founded in 2019 by Dr. Caroline Keen, Sociodigital Research is a dedicated center for social research that tackles pressing issues stemming from the rapid digitalization of work and social life. We delve into the social, political, and economic implications of emerging digital technologies, with a focus on critical topics like social bias, agency, inequality, digital exclusion, and data privacy. Our research specifically centers around women, families, and children.

With over 15 years of experience, Dr. Keen is a recognised critical thinker whose work challenges the status quo. She has extensively studied and written about the intersection of technology and society, covering diverse topics ranging from regulating harmful online content to contested notions of childhood. Her research also addresses children's digital rights, data privacy, social determinants of digital inclusion, the impact of wearable technologies in organizations, and the role of AI in the digital exclusion of mature-aged women in the labor market. Dr. Keen's contributions have been published in esteemed sociology and business academic journals, including New Media & Society, Media, Culture & Society, and Organization.

Driven by a desire to foster public discourse, Dr. Keen actively promotes greater awareness of the social issues arising from new digital technologies. She passionately advocates for improved regulations and policies that protect children's rights and facilitate their active participation in the digital society.

If your company or organization requires assistance in navigating these complex issues, Dr. Keen is available for consultancy work. Contact us to explore how Sociodigital Research can support your endeavors.

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Professor Alan France

Professor Alan France has had a distinguished career in the UK and New Zealand, only just retiring from his role as Professor of Sociology at the Faculty of Social Sciences, Te Pokapū Pūtaiao Pāpori at the University of Auckland in New Zealand. He held a number of distinguished roles such as Head of Department, and Associate Dean (Research) at the University of Auckland. Alan has an enviable publishing record specialising in youth cultures and policy and has published extensively on youth and child related issues for over 25 years authoring over fifty peer reviewed publications including six books.

Professor France has co-authored three peer reviewed articles with Dr Keen now published in high-ranking journals such as New Media & Society, and Media, Culture and Society. Alan acts as an advisor on research projects at Sociodigital Research and continues to co-author academic work with Dr Keen.

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Professor Janet Sayers

Janet Sayers holds the position of Professor at the School of Management, Massey University where she has held the roles of Acting Associate Head of School, and Director of Research. She is a widely recognised and respected critical theorist writing in the fields of post-humanism and post-feminism and her work has been influential in shaping contemporary debates around the future of humanity and gender relations.

Professor Sayers has an extensive publication record authoring over fifty articles across a diverse range of business and social science journals including the highly ranked journals, Gender, Work and Organization; Organisation; Academy of Management Learning and Education; and New Technology, Work and Employment.

Professor Janet Sayers and Dr Caroline Keen have worked on numerous research projects together since the early 2000s exploring technology and its impact on home-based business, SMEs, and larger organisations. Currently, Caroline and Janet are working on projects exploring the use and social impacts of emerging technologies such as AI, IoT, and Wearable Technologies within large organisations, and within the recruitment industry.

Professor Sayers is an avid supporter of Dr Keen’s work, and acts as an academic advisor on projects at Sociodigital Research.

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