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VIDEO: What is data privacy in the digital world?

Why do we need to think about children's data privacy? Sociodigital Research has produced a short 4 minute animated video explaining how we need to think differently about personal information in the digital environment.

Watch it here.

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The Privacy Risks of EdTech in NZ Schools

Watch Dr Keen on the TVNZ1 Breakfast show talking with Jenny-May Clarkson about student privacy risks in relation to EdTech in New Zealand schools


Privacy campaign investigating EdTech in NZ Schools

Click here to read more about our campaign about EdTech Privacy Risks

Computer Class

Privacy Research Key Findings

Children's rights to data privacy has yet to be consciously included in our approach to managing online risks. This project wanted to explore how families in New Zealand understand privacy. We conducted in-depth interviews with parents and teenagers to explore how they conceptualise and manage privacy today. We were particularly interested in exploring how they think about personal information in the digital environment, and specifically commercial use of their personal information. The upshot is - we need to raise awareness not only among children and teenagers, but among parents about what personal data is in the digital context and how commercial data practices can generate harms. Read more...

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