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Health and wellness but at what cost?

Plester B, Sayers J, Keen C. (2022) Health and wellness but at what cost? Technology media justifications for wearable technology use in organizations. Organization. doi:10.1177/13505084221115841

What are the implications of conflicting health and wellness discourses in industry and organisational media? Wearable technology (WT) use in organizations is accelerating despite ethical concerns about personal privacy, data security, and stress from increased surveillance. Technology media, a key producer of meanings about WT, gives some attention to these issues but they also routinely promote WT as if they are a panacea for employee wellness. This work extends emerging scholarship on surveillance technology to show how and why WT media discourses use neo-liberal justifications to justify WT implementation. In this paper we critically analyze 150 media articles to understand how they justify the adoption of WT into organizational life.

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