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Research Work

The aim of our research is to explore digital life and its consequences through a sociological lens. This is the underlying vision of our research hub. 

We offer research consulting, project management, and  undertake qualitative research exploring social impacts of emerging technologies.

As part of our mahi we publish critical research insights in both academic and public spheres to inspire informed debate and better governance of social issues that emerge from new digital technologies.


Children and Young People's Digital Privacy Rights Advocacy Work

We are a growing network of people passionate about  advocating for New Zealand children and young people digital rights, and specifically strengthening their rights to data privacy using digital technologies at home or at school.

If you are interested in funding or supporting or being part of this new charitable venture contact Dr Caroline Keen


Consultancy work

Dr Keen is a Digital Sociologist, and founder Sociodigital Research Limited, a NZ research hub focused on conducting research exploring the social impacts of digital technologies. 


As a critical sociologist her main areas of research and expertise have focused on exploring the tensions between commercial, political and civil responses to issues arising from children’s use of the Internet and digital services. Her research has examined areas such as pornography regulation, digital inclusion, and personal data privacy.

Dr Keen has published in areas, such as pornography regulation in democratic nation-states as it relates to children; post-modern constructions of childhood embedded within neoliberal policy culture; social and cultural determinants of digital inclusion; children’s rights to data privacy and the conceptual barriers to better safeguarding children’s personal privacy in relation to the data practices of commercial and institutional actors.

Not just an academic, she has worked in marketing and business development roles traversing political, government, civil sector, and commercial stakeholders, to further children's digital safety, rights and protections.

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