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  • Caroline Keen

The not quite so transparent global actor...

Privacy choices in Google maps a fiction.

While we are told that we have the option to turn off our location history on our android phones and iPhones it appears this does not mean that Google no longer tracks and collects location data from you. Instead, Google continue to amass your personal location data which is then amalgamated with personal information they have collected about you resulting in the continued expansion of your personal profile, which they profit from by selling to third parties. While Google claim to have informed customers that they will continue to collect this data through conditions hidden within the fine print, this lack of direction to its customers is counter to the promise that individuals can control the collection of personal data. Having followed advice to pause Google's collection of data, I would say that many Google customers, not to mention children, are unaware of where to do this, and many would lack the patience needed to work through the steps needed to stop Google's Search and Maps apps from storing your location data. Read more...



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